Camera_custom_turn_speed 195


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    Camera_custom_turn_speed 195

    Post by Syre on Fri May 06, 2011 4:00 am

    Here's a video i shot in pick-up game for a few folks because they wanted to see how fast the camera spins at 195. gzi619

    It's a large file because Teen said Take video so I opened quicktime pro and clicked record screen and had it like that (lagging me) till the end of the match. I haven't really seen it but hope the quality is alright. Potter said it was.

    A lot of you dont play with any adjustments to turn speed but it really does help. At turn speed 4 i noticed when I turned I couldnt' see how close someone actually was to me.. With this I can see almost instantly. The key to the fast turn speed is to NOT look at the bike. Look above it (and of course around it from time to time) Also I glance alot

    DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO OF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH. Someone said it made them nauseous and they had to turn it off.

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