Tronners Unlimited Training Program



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    Tronners Unlimited Training Program

    Post by syllabear on Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:31 pm

    I've decided to run a sort of training program or academy, which allows people who want to apply for it the chance to both improve their skills and become a member of Tu, while integrating themselves into the clan in the process.

    During the weeks, myself and other Tu members will give lessons, tips, hints and advice on fortress, sumo and anything else about tron. However, eventually, we will reduce the numbers so only the best or most promising students are accepted.

    Obviously, if you feel you don't need or want to be trained, feel free to apply in the normal method, this one however ensures at least someone will be accepted, and could actually greatly improve your ability in the meantime (even if you aren't accepted).

    If enough people express interest for this program (3 or more, but I'll leave application open for a while), then I'll start to run it, with the general outline as follows:

    Weeks 1-3: Training in different aspects of fort and sumo. I'll post goals and targets for people, which will be assessed at practices (17:00 GMT Sundays on non-Ladle days, 16:00 on ladle days) or just generally on the grid, if you can't make these.
    Week 4: Continued training and first elimination
    Week 5: Continued training and final elimination

    The trainees would be expected to wear the TuA tag (Tu academy which is technically the same rank as trainee, but clearly separates the pathways of joining the clan) and they would be free to leave the program at any time without any problems. However, as they are wearing the TuA tag, they are expected to behave responsibly and uphold the Tu name.

    And of course they would be welcomed to play with us in wars and ladle.

    Finally, if insufficient improvement or commitment is not shown during the first few weeks, you will first receive a warning that your performance is not up to par, followed by an early elimination if you don't make progress.

    Hopefully this will be a successful program, and I'm looking forward to any and all applicants!

    GL and see you on the grid Smile

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