Revocation of Dal (Dalsue@forums) Tu membership, effective immediately.


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    Revocation of Dal (Dalsue@forums) Tu membership, effective immediately.

    Post by Venijn on Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:03 am

    Dal, there has been an ongoing discussion regarding your unacceptable behaviour, which unfortunately, goes back a long way. It was concluded a few weeks ago that you were on a final warning, and if you did such things again, your membership would be removed.

    You did this yesterday, and as such a collective decision has been made to remove you from Tu.

    You may no longer;

    - Wear Tu Tags,
    - Claim to represent Tu,
    - Represent Tu,
    - Play for any official Tu team
    (This list is not exhaustive)

    The Roster and your permissions have been amended to reflect this decision.

    This is a closed topic, but it doesn't mean you may not respond, make another thread to do so.

    You are welcome to re-apply once you have improved your behaviour considerably, but please consider that this history now precedes you.


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