Please read before applying


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    Please read before applying

    Post by az95 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:32 pm

    Armagetron name:
    Previous Armagetron/Other Aliases names:
    How long have you been playing Armagetron?
    Where are you from?
    What divisions(Sumo, Fort, etc.)are you best at?:
    What server are we most likely to find you on?:
    Do you have a login ID? ***
    Have you ever been in any other clans? If yes, which ones?
    Are you commited to making all clan practices/wars/tourneys?
    Were you invited by anyone? If so, who?
    Why did you choose :Tu:?
    Why should we accept you?

    *** You must have a login ID. Ex.) /login Dal@forums or /login Dal@ct or some other.. This is due to being able to play and practice at servers such as G5 Fortress that REQUIRE login authentication

    Copy this application above and then paste it in a new topic. Please do not reply to this topic.

    If you want to be accepted into :Tu: then you should always be active on forums and on the grid. We are a fort and sumo clan, so you must have some decent skills at fort and sumo. You can also be rejected for having sub-par skills, bad attitude, in-activeness, immatureness, or simply because we do not like you. Also, please do not spam(like an idiot xD) and please do not reply to old topics

    Best of Luck cheers

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